Live Everyday Like It's Superbowl Sunday

By: Amy Lutz

Right now, all over the county, people are waking up to start one of the greatest days of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. Though baseball might be "America's favorite pastime," football takes center stage every February and keeps millions of Americans glued to their television sets. Sure, some people just watch the event for the commercials, but most Americans are enthralled by the spirited competition that exists between the two remaining teams. Touchdowns, tackles, first downs, and field goals make up the glorious event that is the Super Bowl. As long as the competition remains close and one team doesn't run away with the game (here's to you Super Bowl XXIV), we're on the edge of our seats for the duration of the event. 

Why is America so facinated with the Super Bowl? Sure, there's the halftime show, the multi-million dollar commercials, and calorie-laden party buffets, but I believe that the facination with the biggest game of the year goes even deeper. The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of all sports games. Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, almost all Americans can unite on a love of sports. The Super Bowl exemplifies some of the best aspect of this national obession: suspense, excitement, and most importantly...competition. Americans thrive on competition and few events exempify healthy competition more than the Super Bowl.

The teams that compete in the Super Bowl are supposed to be the best of the best (at least theoretically). Through hard work, perseverence, and a little bit of luck, this year the New York Giants and New England Patriots find themselves on the brink of victory. However, that victory is not easily gained. It takes a mixture of strategy, talent, and teamwork to win the Lombardi trophy ever year. No one gets to the Super Bowl by just participating. Do you think Tom Brady got 3 Super Bowl rings by sittng on the sideline while victory was handed to him? Not even a chance. It took years of hard work and many failures to get the New England quarterback to where he is today.

Perhaps this displays the underlying reason Americans are so facinated with the Super Bowl. Seeing talented athletes battle for victory, often having to bounce back from defeat in the process, reminds us that hard work and talent go a long way towards claiming victory. Deep down, we're reminded that competition is a part of life, but we all have the chance to win. Sure we'll lose some battles in our lives, but with a little hard work and perseverence, victory is attainable. 

It's impossible to get anywhere in life by simply participating. Like the Super Bowl, life's a competition; one we must constantly be engaged in. Sometimes we wil, sometimes we lose. Standing on the sidelines keeps us out of the roller coaster game of life. So, as you're watching the Giants take down the Patriots this Super Bowl Sunday (hopefully), reflect on the fact that we live in a country where competition is still prized; at least for now. Remember to live life like you're on the field. Bounce back from failure, work hard for success, and know your talents and use them. Remain tenacious when faced with defeat and humble when achieving victory...but don't forget to throw in a good deal of smack talk for the fun of it.