We're All Racists Now
By: Amy Lutz

Recently, Hayley White, a 29-year-old mother in the UK rushed to her son, Elliot’s, school in the middle of the day only to find him confused and in tears. Most would assume that Elliot had gotten into a fight at school, had been caught cheating, or engaged in some other cliché’-worthy schoolboy activity. Well, the majority is wrong.

On that cold February day, Hayley learned that her son had been labeled a “racist” by school administrators. Earlier that day, the inquisitive boy asked a fellow classmate, “Are you brown because you come from Africa?” Now, had Elliot been a 19-year-old high school student, the school might have a case for racism. However, Elliot White is a mere 7-years-old. Instead of taking the child’s age into account, the school instead forced him to sign a document acknowledging that he had “made a racist remark.” I doubt that Elliot will want to ask another question in class anytime soon. For him, intellectual curiosity and punishment now go hand in hand.

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