The Politics of Respect
By: Amy Lutz
A recent editorial in the Los Vegas Sun- entitled “Respect Missing in GOP Campaign”- elaborated upon the increasing “disrespect” that Obama supporters feel is directed at the President by the GOP candidates. This commentary echoed sentiment expressed in an opinion piece published in The Washington Post on September 1st of this year.  The article points out how the President is fighting for respect from not just his opponents but also from his constituents. The left is quick to point out the “disrespect” they see inherent in criticism directed at the President, but they rarely investigate why this lack of respect is so pervasive.  In reality, respect is not something given when unmerited.  Unfortunately, for President Obama and his followers, he has done little to earn respect the office deserves.

The widespread lack of regard in which President Obama is held, may be due in part to his own attitude toward Americans at home.  Last year, the President claimed that votes are driven by “fear and frustration” because “we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared.”  Is it any surprise that Americans are afraid; our foundational principles are under assault and the Constitution based upon them, is in danger of being neutralized. Yet, the implication that we’re not “thinking clearly” is insulting.  Most people want to be treated like rational, capable human beings.  Obama’s condescension is palpable. Evidently he perceives that the problem is with us, not with him.

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