Are You Ready for Some Political Correctness? Arizona, Hank Williams Jr, and the Left's Hijacking of the NFL

By: Amy Lutz

Every Sunday afternoon during the fall and winter, I expect to curl up in my apartment in my Drew Brees jersey and Saints gear to watch football all day long. My laptop usually sits beside me with my fantasy football lineup on the screen so I can keep track of my ever crumbling, yet still exciting, team. Fox News, President Obama, and the turmoil of politics rarely cross my mind. First downs replace elections and polticians become least for a few hours. My emotions depend not on political bickering or congressional bills, but on third downs and Hail Mary passes. Sports (in my case, football) are supposed to provide an escape from the controversies of the real world. Yet somehow in the past couple weeks, political correctness has found its way into the NFL.

It all started with Hank Williams Jr. The Monday Night Football icon got into a bit of hot water with political pundits when he stated that President Obama playing golf with John Boehner is analagous to Benjamin Netanyahu hitting the course with Adolf Hitler. The instant Williams spoke the name of the Nazi dictator, left leaning public figures went crazy. Based on the reactions of various media outlets, including both the Huffington Post and Fox News, you would think the singer had adovocated assasination. Sure, Williams has a big mouth and should have certainly been more careful with his choice of words, but in the grand scheme of things, it's really not something we should be focusing on. Aren't we on the brink of another economic disaster? We really shouldn't be putting our focus on a controversial statement from a usually well-loved musician and football icon. And honestly, I could just as easily argue that Williams was comparing Boehner to Hitler instead of the President. The media needs to take a chill pill and remember that he used an analogy, not a direct comparison. Seriously, the only thing Hank Williams Jr. is guilty of besides having a big mouth is not receiving the memo that Hitler analogies were only acceptable to the left when George W. Bush was in office. 

After Hank Williams Jr. was ejected from ESPN, politically correct worshipping Americans set their sights on the NFL's Holy Grail: The Super Bowl. This week, the league annouced that the 2015 championship game will be held in Arizona, the site of SB 1070, the nation's most controversial immigration law. Liberal Hispanic activists immediately attacked the NFL for being insensitive and demanded that the game be moved to a more "tolerant" *cough* liberal-leaning *cough* locale. “In light of Arizona’s hate-based legislation, the action taken by the NFL serves as an endorsement of the state’s abhorrent actions against the Latino and migrant communities,” said Margaret Moran, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Really Margaret Moron...ahem...I mean Margaret Moran? First off, please refer to previous blogs for arguments against such claims of "hate" and "racism." SB 1070 actually explicitly prevents racial profiling, but I digress. Additionally, since when does the location of the Super Bowl imply political opinion? If playing football in a state where a controversial law has been passed is now politically incorrect we're all doomed. We might as well outlaw all sports and merry-making activities so as not to offend anyone. That principle worked in Footloose, right? Wait...And, for those of you who are actually offended by the NFL's action, the free market has already provided you with an out. Just DON'T GO. Don't watch the game, buy NFL merchandise, or take part in the most wonderful day of the year (second only to Christmas and Black Friday). If everyone agrees with your complaints, then the ratings will take a nosedive, the NFL will go bankrupt. Thankfully, I doubt that will happen simply because Americans are smarter than that. We know that the location of the Super Bowl does not mean a political endorsement. We also know that a controversial statement made by the guy who sings the Monday Night Football theme shouldn't interfere with our enjoyment of a good NFL matchup. So, I'll say it again...To the lefties who are bringing political correctness into the football arena...get over yourselves and out of the NFL. You already have the Presidency, the univerisities, Hollywood, the media, and just about everything else. You can have soccer, but please leave football in the hands of common-sense Americans.  



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