By: Amy Lutz

In many respects, conservatives are feeling pretty good about our chances in the 2012 election. The future of Obamacare is shaky and major presidential tracking polls are looking better for Republicans. The Rasmussen daily tracking poll for June 21st showed Mitt Romney with 47% of the vote compared to the President’s 43%. However, we cannot revel in this numbers too much and become complacent. While some stats and polls are swinging in Romney’s favor, the president still has many variables on his side. In order for a conservative victory to become a reality in November, we are going to have to go up against the liberal mainstream media, the easily swayed youth vote, and the danger of outside events which might impact the campaign. We much remain active and vigilant now more than ever.

            Long ago, the role of the media was to hold people in public office accountable without bias or prejudice. Those days don’t come back do they? Now, most mainstream media outlets are nothing but shills for the Democratic Party and propaganda machines for the Obama Administration. They’ll do anything to keep our president in office for four more years. Does integrity count for anything anymore? Case in point: NBC’s recent presentation of an out of context comment from Mitt Romney about his trip to a Wawa convenience store. NBC edited the tape to make Romney appear out of touch. In actuality, his true statements were geared toward portraying the difference of businesses in the public and private sectors. We’re still waiting on a legitimate apology for the blatant smear. Don’t hold your breath. With the mainstream media on his side, President Obama wields a powerful influence over public opinion. Many people unfortunately don’t look further than superficial media reports filled with bias and inaccuracies. They take left wing spin as reality.

            If having a stronghold on the mainstream media weren’t bad enough, President Obama also has an enormous influence on the most gullible voting bloc of all: the youth. Trust me, I know. I’m currently in college myself and it shocks me how uninformed and easily swayed my peers are today. So many fell for the “hope and change” campaign of 2008 and many still think that Obama will provide the way out of our economic crisis (despite the fact that he exacerbated this problem in the first place). While it’s true that not only college students fell for the superficiality of Obama’s 2008 campaign, the youth remains an important voting bloc for a reason. We haven’t yet been numbed by the real world. We’re still idealistic, motivated, and most of all, passionate. Our passions are easily swayed by shiny bumper stickers and feel-good slogans. Many of my peers in Rainbow Alliance plan on voting for Obama just because of his gay marriage stand. Students in social justice organizations plan on pulling the lever for our current president because he wants to “spread the wealth.” Sigh. Too many college students blatantly ignore the fact that President Obama’s completely ignores laws he disagrees with or that the economy is in the tank. Many apparently haven’t grasped onto that whole “critical thinking” thing. You can blame liberal academia for that one.

            Finally, while the Romney campaign might look pretty good right now, remember that it is only June. The Obamacare and Arizona immigration law decisions should be out next week. It’s unclear as to how both of those issues will affect the campaign. If the Court decides to throw out the entire healthcare law, it certainly will invigorate conservatives. However, it will also anger liberals and make them even more willing to fight for Obama in November. And don’t forget the possibility of an “October Surprise.” However unlikely it may be, if the economy suddenly improves (or if the media spins it that way), the current president will likely rise in the polls. Thus, it is extremely important that conservatives remain vigilant right up until November 6th and beyond.

            While it is good to remain optimistic about conservatives’ chances in November, we must also remain vigilant. Obama has the mainstream media on his side, but we have the facts. Want to make an impact on the mainstream media’s domination? Make sure to educate and inform your friends so they are less likely to fall prey to inaccurate information. I will do the same in my role as a college student. Conservative candidates like Romney must put a large force behind gaining the youth vote. Finally, we need to be alert. One event can change the course of the 2012 election. This election is about more than just numbers. Conservatives must remain not just vigilant, but active, as we prepare for a victory in November.



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