By: Amy Lutz

In high school, I attended classes with teenagers from all over the world. As a student at an international boarding school, I rubbed shoulders with classmates from China, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, and several other nations. I tried different foods, learned words in Chinese and Korean, and made friends who grew up half way across the world. I loved it. I enjoyed seeing people from different nations taking advantage of the blessings of freedom. Whether they stayed after graduation or went back to their home nation, we welcomed them with open arms in the small town of Atchison, Kansas. I learned quickly that in the United States, we love taking in immigrants and visitors to our nation who aim to create a better life for themselves and for their families. It’s the American Dream after all. Today, I am personally offended when I hear liberals call conservatives anti-immigration or against people of different skin colors. I learned to embrace my classmates in high school and enjoy interacting with immigrants to this day. I discovered long ago that “anti-immigrant” labels are far from the truth when it comes to conservatives.

Liberals often labels conservatives “anti-immigrant,” or worse, “racist” because we take a hard-line stance on illegal immigration. However, the fallacy in this type of statement is that liberals rarely separate “legal” and “illegal” immigration. Most Americans, conservatives and liberals alike, are strongly in favor of the former. Opinions on the latter category, however, produce divisiveness. Conservatives often preach the dangers of poorly-guarded borders and the economic damage illegal immigration creates. Liberals weave stories of hard-luck illegal immigrants who “live in the shadows” and work low paying jobs at dangerous locales. My answer to this type of commentary: It’s time for a little personal responsibility. Who is really to blame for their predicament? If you don’t respect the rule of law and enter this country the right way, there are consequences. Unfortunately, those consequences extend far beyond individual illegal immigrants.

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